April 2019 Update

During March and April I’ve had a lot of spare time and have managed to push out a few short story submissions. Hopefully they’ll come to fruition in the next few months.

Publications This Month

Publications Due Out Next Month

Acceptances This Month

Au Jus accepted by Zombie Pirate Publishing

Zombie Pirate Publishing have accepted my short story – Au Jus – for their horror anthology “Full Metal Horror 2”

I had a lot of fun writing this – a mix of bloody gore and slapstick comedy – and am really pleased that the Zombie Pirate’s liked it.

This anthology is due for release on June 15th 2019.

Foresaking All Others and Til Death Do Us Part accepted by Black Hare Press

Black Hare Press are running a series of Drabble anthologies during 2019 – WORLDS (Science Fiction), ANGELS (Fantasy), MONSTERS (Horror), BEYOND (Paranormal) and UNRAVEL (Crime) will be included in the five book set.

I have stories in WORLDS and ANGELS, so I’m stoked to have stories accepted into MONSTERS. Hopefully, I will be lucky enough to get drabbles included in the last two books in the series; this set will look GREAT on my bookshelf!

MONSTERS is due for release on 20th August 2019.

Weep accepted by Black Hare Press

ANGELS is the second book in the Black Hare Press DARK DRABBLES series and my tiny story – Weep – has been included.

This story was a small nod to the Dr Who Weeping Angels.

Pre-orders are available now. The anthology launches on 23rd July 2019 in eBook, paperback and hardback options.