May 2019 Update

I haven’t been doing a lot writing this month but I’ve had a few responses to some work previously submitted. I’m always nervous/excited/terrified when I know responses are due out. I’m blown away about some of the acceptances I’ve received recently.

Publications Due Out Next Month

Acceptances This Month

Time to Say Goodbye accepted by Pixie Forest Publishing

Pixie Forest Publishing recently had a call for submissions for stories for their ‘At Death’s Door’ anthology. I was thrilled to get an acceptance for my short story, “Time to Say Goodbye”. This was one of my favourite pieces to write.

The anthology’s cover and release date are yet to be revealed. Stay tuned!

A Woman Scorned and Whispering Wind accepted by Fantasia Divinity Publishing

Fantasia Divinity are running a series of anthologies on elementals and this – Winds of Despair – is the first book in that series. Obviously, ‘wind’ is the theme, and this is an anthology of drabbles; 100 word stories.

I submitted two drabbles to Fantasia and both were accepted. They were looking for stories that fit the themes of Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction or Romance. ‘A Woman Scorned’ fit into their Fantasy requirement, and ‘Whispering Wind’ fit into their Horror requirement.

I’m looking forward to the next elemental theme!

Publication date yet to be revealed.

Thunder and Music accepted by Black Hare Press

Drabbles seem to be the in thing at the moment and Black Hare Press are running a series of Drabble anthologies. They started off with WORLDS (Science Fiction), and there is also ANGELS, MONSTERS, BEYOND and UNRAVEL in the five book set.

I already have one story – Weep – in the ANGELS anthology. This month, I got two more accepted.

I also have stories accepted into WORLDS, MONSTERS and BEYOND (see below). UNRAVEL has not opened yet, but fingers crossed for that one too.

Pre-orders are available now. The anthology launches on 20th August 2019 in eBook, paperback and hardback options.

Sorry accepted by Black Hare Press

Black Hare Press opened up their fourth call in the Dark Drabbles series this month and I managed to get one of my nano fiction pieces accepted.

This anthology is scheduled for release on 3rd September 2019 in eBook, paperback and hardback editions.